Why I have done it.

Alberto Bettiol first race in Rapperswil 2011


I am Alberto Bettiol, a 43 years old Italian dad of three with a passion for Sport. After a short period of crave for junk food (my peak weight reached 18,58 st/118 kg in 2000), I realized sport would have been the only way to save my body and my mind! Since then I have practiced many sports being part of a team or individually,I took part in hundreds of events like Granfondos, Marathons, Triathlon races and Swimming Championships.
International Sport brands such as Rudy Project, Saucony, Gaerne chose me as one of their ambassadors during the past years.

Alberto Bettiol RYD Italian Championship in Tarzo

In 2017, after the experience as Commercial Director in a local cycling company, I thought to create something new, something to represent 100% myself in the triathlon world. My purpose was to offer people the possibility of realizing their dreams (i.e reach the finish line of an Ironman race), whichever their level of training and results, and I shared the idea with my wife Chiara.
Chiara and I thought about creating and realizing RIDE YOUR DREAMS because everyone should have the right to feel strong and powerful, and fashionable too. We would like to give everyone the possibility to be part of a winning team.
How we made it? By using the best fabrics, a unique graphic design and being 100% MADE IN ITALY. All RYD products are tested by our pro athletes before being put on the market.

Our motto is:

Our team Your team RYD FAMILY

The World of sports has given me and taught me so much also on a human level. I have met very special people, pro athletes, influencers and loyal customers who have become real friends. I am always ready to listen to your advice and suggestions about new products and designs.

Alberto Bettion RYD After the race in Jesolo Lido

We are all trying to fulfill our dreams with the same passion and love for our sport.

All RYDers should feel part of the same family, the RYD family.

So what are you waiting for RIDE YOUR DREAMS WITH US!